Mmmm, sprinkled stick food
EC: Frozen Yogurt Doughnuts on a Stick Are the Absolute Best Way to Eat Yogurt
Credit: Photo and video by Alex Tepper

If you somehow haven’t noticed, it’s Stuff on a Stick Week, and we’re celebrating by eating anything and everything on a stick. It was easy to rekindle our love for stick food, and we’re not just talking popsicles. From the somewhat frightening Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick (er, On a Stick!) to deep fried huevos rancheros that made us have an existential crisis over why we don’t always deep fry breakfast foods, we’ve eaten our fair share of stick food this week. To top off this glorious week of deep fried butter balls and haters arguing how stuff on a stick actually sucks, we made yogurt doughnuts on a stick.

Fruit and yogurt is almost always as sad as a pathetic bowl of oatmeal in the morning, so we dressed it up. We macerated some strawberries, mixed them up with plain Greek yogurt, sweetened the whole thing with a few tablespoons of honey, and froze them in a well-greased doughnut pan. They were beautiful and pink and perfectly round, but to our dismay (and Homer Simpson’s), they were missing a vital ingredient: rainbow sprinkles. So we let the sprinkles rain down upon them until they were thoroughly covered. Seriously, though: Why make a doughnut if you don’t have rainbow sprinkles?