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For those who worry about avocado going to waste

Tim Nelson
Updated: October 05, 2018
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Avocados: still around. The fascination with our favorite fatty fruit doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Some of us would surely hoard as many avocados as we possibly could, if not for the fact that most of them would eventually over ripen and become inedible.

Well, thanks to the wonders of modern freezer technology, it sounds like the days of worrying about your avocados may soon be over. Welch’s, a purveyor of various grape juices and jellies, is cashing in on the avo craze with its own line of frozen avocados in a bag. According to a product description on the Welch’s website, these are “ripe-frozen so that they are always ready right when you need them.” A 10-ounce bag of avocado “hand chunks” retails for about $5, which is a pretty decent deal considering a single avocado from the produce aisle can often retail for upwards of $2.

The better bang for your buck is far from the only benefit this bag o’ frozen green chunks has to offer. Pre-sliced frozen avocado could mean less trips to the emergency room for “avocado hand”, an affliction that results from avocado slicing mishaps. It’s serious enough that there are now a plethora of “safer” avocado alternatives on the market, but this pre-sliced, frozen option has the added advantage of helping you avoid the first world problem of “avocado anxiety” generated by ripeness fears.

But before you place a bulk order and fill your freezer with avocado, don’t expect this to serve as a substitute for the real thing. The 32-ounce bag of Welch’s frozen avocado currently boasts a 1.5 star rating on Amazon based on nine reviews. One reviewer described the taste as “Bitter, acrid, with a weird twang, and not even a hint of creamy avocado goodness,” while another postulated that the “additives used to keep the chunks green are at fault” for the nasty taste.

As with any major-brand produce offering that prioritizes convenience over quality, flavor and freshness are serious casualties.

But if you’re paranoid about losing a finger in an avocado mishap or just want some avocado chunks you can use to fatten up a smoothie, Welch’s foray into the frozen avo market may just be a gamechanger. There’s no substitute for the real deal, but it’s good to have options.  

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