Photo courtesy Kellogg's

It’s Wild Berry, and it tastes like childhood

Rebecca Firkser
May 15, 2018

For the first time in a decade, Kellogg’s has added a new flavor to the Froot Loops portfolio. The new colorful cereal features Wild Berry-flavored purple stars mixed in with the classic red, green, and blue O’s. The cereal will officially be on grocery store shelves by summer, but our friends at Kellogg’s were kind enough to send us a box of the new Froot Loops to try in advance.

“New Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops delivers a wild new fruity taste experience that bursts from the box, no matter when or where it's opened,” according to a press release.

And indeed, the fruity experience did erupt from the box when I opened it. Unlike classic Fruit Loops, which taste fruity but smell pretty mild, the scent of Wild Berry was impossible to miss once I tore open the plastic bag. I would characterize the Wild Berry smell as somewhere in between children’s gummy vitamins and grape Baby Bottle Pop candy. As for flavor, Wild Berry Froot Loops taste just like they smell. The Wild Berry stars are fruity for sure, but it's hard to decipher which berries are actually involved. I like to think that if Willy Wonka put at least five different berries into some fantastical machine, the product would be Wild Berry Froot Loops.

While the new cereal are Froot Loops as we know them for the most part, a box of Wild Berry contains just red, green, and blue “loops” (no orange, yellow, or purple O’s, but the Wild Berry stars are purple).

Ultimately, I have to say I’m a loyalist to classic Froot Loops. I found the Wild Berry smell and flavor a bit overpowering, and it canceled out the whisper of fruit and sugar I look for in a Froot Loop. Plus, I like a full range of color when it comes to my rainbow cereal beause it makes for a better necklace.

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