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Regular fries stay crispy for 5 minutes, but this company has a formula that will keep them in peak form for an hour

Margaret Eby
June 29, 2018

It's a bad idea to wait to eat french fries. Those golden, crunchy, perfect-to-drag-through-ketchup batons are perfect when they're hot out of the fryer. But half an hour later, they're unappealing soggy mush. But don't you worry. Lamb Weston, the giant manufacturer that churns out potato products for the likes of McDonald's and KFC is working to change all that. The average french fry stays crispy for just five minutes. Lamb Weston, according to the New York Times, is working on a version that will stay crispy for a solid hour, even after microwaving it at home. 

The fight for crispier fries starts from farming the potato. Plants with less moisture in them naturally make a better french fry. Through agricultural fine-tuning and work from scietists on the ground, Lamb Weston developed the french fry that can sruvive some time in transit, crucial in the era of Seamless, UberEATS, and various other delivery services. In the Lamb Weston lab, researchers recreated many of the conditions that make delivery for foods like french fries suboptimal: hot food placed next to cold food, or having the driver make multiple, unanticipated stops while the fries' precious crunchiness is slowly eking away.

They discovered that a paper bag, folded over, is the optimal conveyance for french fries. (Plastic bags, which trap moisture, are not good for crispiness.) Their new "Crispy on delivery" fries are designed to keep that optimal state despite multiple obstacles. So be assured, whatever else is true: the future is crispy. 


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