Don't hate on Four Sigmatic

Photo by @foursigmatic via Instagram
| Credit: Photo by @foursigmatic via Instagram

Say what you want about adaptogens—powdered herbs, mushrooms, and roots like ashwaganda, maca, and chaga that some say have numerous health benefits. The trend is clearly having a moment. Nothing has convinced me of their influence and power more than Four Sigmatic's instant mushroom drinks. Essentially instant coffee or tea fortified with adaptogenic mushrooms, Four Sigmatic drinks are instant coffee for the wellness generation.

Though they've been around for several years, brands like Four Sigmatic, Sun Potion, and Moon Juice have exploded in the last year or two. Four Sigmatic's blends have shown up in the social media feeds of all sorts of people, from wellness influencers like Lee From America and the folks at Goop to cool LA Fashion designers like Pia Arrobio and the editors of Bon Appetit.

Credit: Photo by @piaarrobio via Instagram

Since making Four Sigmatic's drinks are as easy as adding liquid to powder and stirring, they've created a market for a more attainable kind of wellness. Not everyone has the luxury of time, and many of the current wellness trends require a lot of it, reinforcing the assumption that this kind of lifestyle is only for the privileged. Four Sigmatic doesn't tell you to mix tiny spoonfuls of powders from six different jars in order to make your morning beverage. You only need a mug and hot water.

The packets aren't wildly expensive either. A 10-serving pack of their mushroom coffee with chaga and lion's mane, touted as "your go-to morning beverage," costs $15, making each cup of mushroom coffee $1.50. A 20-serving pack of their mushroom matcha latte with maitake is $40, which comes out to $2 a cup.

Credit: Photo by @leefromamerica via Instagram

As for flavor, there's a reason why the influencers you love (or love to hate) keep going back to Four Sigmatic—the drinks taste good. Exponentially better than what that comes out of an office coffee pod machine, the drinks are rich and well-seasoned. Some are lightly sweetened, some are caffeine-free. They're good enough to be mixed with hot water and not taste like motel coffee, and they're even better with frothed milk. I can say with certainty that I've paid $6 for worse lattes with no adaptogens at many coffee shops—plus I had to actually leave my house.