It almost makes us wish it were winter again
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EC: For Their Next Trick, Oreos Will Make Candy Canes
Credit: photo by Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

When it comes to inventing wacky and unexpected dessert flavors, Oreo has been dominating the field. Since the beginning of the year, they’ve introduced everything from Peeps to Jelly Doughnut to Waffle and Syrup, with varying degrees of public acceptance. And while they could keep pumping out increasingly bizarre flavors of their cookies, they’ve apparently decided to get into the candy game.

According to the Instagram account Candy Hunting, which posts new junk food coming out in the U.S., Oreo plans to launch Cookies and Creme candy canes around Christmas time. Nabisco, which owns Oreo, has yet to confirm that the confections are actually real, but a cookies and creme candy cane does seem like a stunt the cookie company would pull. Plus, the packaging looks legit, and based on previous case (Fireworks Oreos for instance), these spied items tend not to be wishful thinking/hoaxes.

Black and white candy canes on your green Christmas tree might take some getting used to, but we’re willing to bet they actually taste great. Besides, candy canes have a reputation for coming in strange flavors: Last year, Amazon was selling pickle, bacon, wasabi, and sriracha-flavored candy canes, so a cookies and creme flavor really isn’t all too extreme. At least it’s sweet!

If Candy Hunting is right and these candy cane creations are indeed real, we’ll have to wait another six months or so before we can try them. And maybe if they’re a success more snack companies will get into the candy cane business: What about Cool Ranch Dorito candy canes? Or Kit Kat candy canes? That one doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually.

Until then, we’ll just have to stick with indulging in Bluberry Pie Oreos, or just wait and see what odd new product Oreo (or even you) dreams up next.