Grab a seat at Rhiannon and order a "Crystal Visions" cocktail

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2018
Credit: Photo by Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

Fleetwood Mac recently announced they would once again be going on tour—Lindsey Buckingham be damned. But diehard Mac fans in Chicago don’t need to worry about who in the eternally-rotating lineup of band members will actually be present when the classic rock icons make their October 8 stop in The Windy City. Instead, for the next month, Chicagoans can simply hit up their city’s new Fleetwood Mac-themed pop-up bar called Rhiannon.

The pop-up—which is being held every Thursday to Sunday until June 17 at The Rookery event space—openly acknowledges, “Neither this party, or any view or opinion expressed in it, nor the context in which the party takes place is approved or endorsed by, or is in any way associated with, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, or anyone else connected with the making of the Fleetwood Mac or their music.” (I think Lindsey Buckingham has made a similar statement on at least two occasions.) But once that formality is out of the way, Rhiannon offers what sounds like a pretty compelling list of Fleetwood Mac-inspired cocktails.

According to Munchies, the drink menu includes things like the "Crystal Visions" made with Champagne, edible glitter, and color-changing rock sugar; the Seven Wonders, which beyond pisco and blueberry jam also gets its charm from “color-changing butterfly flower chai”; and the Black Magic Woman, which works the hip ingredient of activated charcoal into its gin and lychee liquor mix.

Following a similar theme, the venue itself tends to focus on Fleetwood Mac’s more mystical side, saying the plan is to “celebrate the witchy spirit of Stevie Nicks.” As the Facebook event page explains, “Have your cards read by our resident tarot reader … as we summon the spirit of the Celtic Moon Goddess Rhiannon for a night you will never forget.”

“This is a pop-up celebrating the magic of women,” Amy Teri, owner/partner of The Rookery, told Munchies—meaning apparently, there’s little love for the Peter Green-era at this bar. Might I remind you that those records from the 1960s were top ten hits in the United Kingdom! But I guess all you need to run a Fleetwood Mac-themed pop-up these days is a passing knowledge of the Rumours days.

Regardless, Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits are undeniable classics. If you’re in Chicago and would prefer to celebrate them with handcrafted cocktails in a cozy event space instead of with beer in plastic cups at the United Center, this pop up would seem to be the bar of your “Dreams.”