For those who don't love eggs, savory breakfast can pose a bit of a challenge. While you could simply reheat last night's dinner and call it a day, you should know that eggless savory breakfast can be way more exciting. Allow me to introduce you to fatteh. A type of southern Levantine dish of warm pieces of flatbread covered in hearty toppings like chicken, tongue, beef, eggplant, or chickpeas, fatteh is made in a multitude of regional styles. New York City's Au Za'atar currently has their own version of the dish (they make it in the Lebanese style) on their brunch menu."In Lebanese culture, breakfast dishes do not always include eggs, [nor are they] super-sweet. [Fatteh is] a savory treat," said Tarik Fallous, chef at Au Za'atar. "It's a very rich and hearty dish that consists of a good balance of protein and carbs." At Au Za'atar, Fallous makes a variation of fatteh called Fattet Djaj. Fattet Djaj begins with chopped, toasted pita (either fresh or stale will work). Then comes the fun part: Fallous shreds an entire rotisserie chicken and layers the tender meat with cooked chickpeas and plenty of creamy, garlicky yogurt-tahini sauce. He tops the dish with with toasted pine nuts and almonds for a crunch in every bite. Characterizing fatteh as a traditional dish that "mothers prepare for their children and during family gatherings," Fallous said that he wanted to include Fattet Djaj on Au Za'atar's menu because he finds it comforting and nostalgic.Au Za'atar's Fattet Djaj

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Credit: Photo by Liz Clayman

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1 platter


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  • Toast the pita square until golden brown. 

  • Prepare the sauce by combining the mashed garlic and the yogurt. Whisk until smooth. Add the tahini while whisking and, finally, the lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. 

  • Make sure your shredded chicken and boiled chickpeas are warm before assembling the Fattet Djaj and work quickly so everything is still warm when you serve it.

  • In serving platter, start with the pita squares, evenly distributed in a single layer.

  • The next layer is the chickpeas and finally 2/3 of the shredded chicken.

  • Top with the yogurt sauce and the remaining chicken and finish by sprinkling the toasted nuts, melted butter, chopped parsley and touch of cumin.