Beef upon beef upon beef upon beef upon beef upon beef
Credit: Photo courtesy of Fatburger Japan

On April 28, the Los Angeles-based burger chain Fatburger opened its first ever Japanese location in Tokyo. Thinking that simply being American wasn’t enough of a novelty to set them apart from the crowd, Fatburger decided to bring a little gift with them on their menu: a massive, 1.5-pound, six-patty hamburger with a retail price of 2,560 yen—or over $23.

The US Kingburger, as this ridiculous burger is called, is a sight to behold. Ahiru Neko from the site SoraNews24 dropped into the new Tokyo Fatburger specifically with tackling this king-sized burger in mind and documented his experience. If six patties sounds ridiculous on paper, it looks even more over-the-top stacked in a perfect tower between a bun that is (somehow) wrapped in paper. Making things even starker is that the patties apparently aren’t separated by any cheese or sauce: It’s simply beef upon beef upon beef upon beef upon beef upon beef with a couple slices of tomato and some shredded lettuce on top. However, the construction is a bit of a moot point as Neko decided there was no sensible way to eat the burger other than with a knife and fork. As for that $23 price tag, well, an Original Fatburger costs just over $6, so if you’re judging purely on patties, the customer is actually getting quite the bargain.

All that being said though, despite its incredible scale, Neko was able to down the huge kingmaker, thus earning the reporter a different sort of honor: He got his photo added to the Fatburger Triple King Wall of Fame… a wall that (not to totally knock him) already has about 100 people on it. Seeing as the restaurant has been open for less than two weeks, maybe making the burger wall-worthy was a bit overzealous.

Regardless, at this point, simply getting your hands on the burger is an impressive feat. Fatburger is only making 20 of the US Kingburgers every day until May 15, according to SoraNews24. After that, however, all bets are off. Now that this first location is open, Fatburger is said to be looking to add as many as ten new Japanese outposts in the next three years.