Rapport London

That's one fancy piece of picnic luggage

Margaret Eby
November 20, 2018

Do you have too much money and don't know what to do with it? Are you struggling to find a holiday present for someone who's in a similar situation? Do you know about the student loan crisis? Can I have your ATM pin? Hahaha no wait what? Jokes! Jokes. But really, if you find yourself in a real one-percent situation around the holidays, it can be difficult. What do you give someone who already has an elephant and a football team? Not a puzzle, that's for sure.

So to address this problem that I absolutely do not have, I scoured some luxury home goods and found something upsettingly opulent, pretty, and clearly for people who love picnicking on secret rooftops with Beyonce: a leather Champagne trunk from Rapport London, makers of leather goods and pocket watches and other luxury items. It is, again, a leather Champagne trunk. It fits two bottles of Champagne and four flutes, and comes in a cheerful yellow. It is the kind of object that would fit nicely into a Wes Anderson movie, such is its level of precision and twee. And it is $4,500, Champagne not included. 

If you'd like to pack a little bit lighter, Rapport also offers a smaller leather Champagne box that fits two flutes, one bottle, and two Champagne stopper devices for $1,750. If your giftee is more into mixed drinks, there is also a (currently sold out) version of the trunk that has room for rocks glasses and several cans of the mixer of your choice, which comes in a charming aqua blue and also runs $4,500. Does your person enjoy hookahs? There's a $4,995 trunk for that too. 

So if the Goop gift guide has so far failed you, think about a leather Champagne trunk, with a few bottles of a vintage something that cost most people's monthly rent. And remember, no war but class war. Haha, jokes! Jokes.

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