Courtesy Blue Diamond

Sure, you could make your own, but you could also go to CVS and get these

Margaret Eby
April 16, 2018

Nuts, for those of us who aren't allergic to them, are an incredible snack. That's probably not news to you. Maybe you, like me, often think about Barack Obama sitting in the Oval Office after hours, rationing out exactly seven almonds. (A joke, it turns out, but still a compelling image). They're tasty, they have more caloric oomph than a handful of popcorn so there's a chance they'll actually fill you up, and they're great for idle snacking. Which is why our office was excited when Blue Diamond sent over some of their new extremely fancy flavored almonds. I mean, worst case scenario is they're still almonds! It's a win-win proposition. 

These nuts—proper name: Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet Almonds—come in four flavors: Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Truffle, Garlic Herb and Olive Oil, and Rosemary and Sea Salt. They come in a bag with a resealable top, which is very civilized, and all of the almonds are already skinned, a small thing that feels very luxurious. Blue Diamond sent the Black Truffle and Rosemary and Sea Salt for us to try. I'm not much of a truffle person, so the Black Truffle version of the almonds didn't do that much for me. But the Rosemary and Sea Salt? Heavens. 

They were so good. I say were because I finished them, with an assist from my deskmates, in something like two days. This is an impressive feat for any newfangled snack that enters the Extra Crispy desk area, because one thing we definitely have is access to snacks. But these fancy almonds are all that I want in a deskside snack: salty, flavorful, relatively neat (although there was a piece of rosemary lodged in my keyboard for a while). They're delicious enough that the next time I have a party, I'm just going to buy some and set them out in a bowl. Yes, you could totally just make fancy almonds too, if you're feeling ambitious. But as a snack that you can pick up from the grocery store or drug store when you're rushing home from work, these are both delicious and fancy-looking. You'd have to be nuts (ahem) not to try them. 

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