Join us for a reading series about our favorite meal
EC: Extra Crispy and Study Hall Present OM-LIT
Credit: Gif by Lauren Kolm

If you've come to feel that Extra Crispy feeds you in ways your actual breakfast can't (as in, your soul), we have some very exciting news. Extra Crispy is teaming up with the creative collective Study Hall to bring you OM-LIT, a reading series about breakfast. Featuring writers from both Extra Crispy and Study Hall, OM-LIT may be the first ever breakfast-themed reading series (or, at least, the most cleverly named breakfast-themed reading series).

Expect meditations on pancakes, stories about life-changing breakfast sandwiches, and, of course, a multitude of feelings on bacon. RSVP to join us in our Brooklyn offices on Saturday, July 23 for some laughs, some tears, and all the Stumptown cold brew you can drink. With readings from Kyle Chayka, John DeVore, Extra Crispy's own Kat Kinsman, and more, we promise this OM-LIT will be chock full of good stuff, with very little cheese.

See below for the nitty gritty.


Saturday, July 23
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Industry City
241 37th Street, Fifth Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Please RSVP by Friday, July 22.

About Study Hall
Study Hall is a journalism collective and co-working space based in Brooklyn.

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