The company has sold over 6 million meals this year

By Sammy Nickalls
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: European Soylent Competitor Huel Is Coming to America
Credit: photo courtesy of huel

You’ve likely heard of Soylent, which wants to replace your breakfast with a caffeinated, nootropic-enhanced meal substitute called Coffiest. But if Soylent makes you barf, there’s another meal replacement company in the ring. Huel, Europe's challenger to Soylent, is a two-year-old company based in the UK that is now launching in the United States—and it’s already sold over 6 million meals this year. Huel is a meal alternative that comes as a powder and, when mixed with water, creates a "creamy, nutritionally complete drink," according to a statement sent to Extra Crispy. The company was allegedly launched by founder Julian Hearn in an effort to combat food waste:

Huel comes in a powder and in bar form, and there are two flavors: vanilla and unflavored/unsweetened. Huel also developed a range of flavors and sweeteners to add to your Huel: strawberry, chocolate, banana, pineapple and coconut, mocha, toffee, rhubarb and custard, matcha tea, and cacao. Currently, there are some pretty big-name celebs who are fans of Huel, including One Direction, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Robbie Williams.

Would you replace the rest of your meals with Huel? It seems as though meal replacements might just be the future—if they don’t make people vomit, that is.