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EC: Enter the Mufgel, Brooklyn's Latest Mythical Breakfast Creature
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Scott Stockwell

As the world competes for the Weirdest Headline of 2016, the mad scientists at the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn have done their part by introducing the mufgel—a muffin-bagel hybrid. Scot Rossillo, the self-proclaimed bagel artist and creator of the rainbow bagel, invented the mufgel after hearing a radio ad for the New York Lottery, which satirized hybrid food crazes (I’m looking at you, cronut) and New Yorkers’ seemingly bottomless appetite for offbeat foods. With the mufgel commercial as his muse, Rossillo went to work on what might just become the biggest thing to happen to the oft-neglected muffin in years.

The mufgel has the look of a muffin, combined with the taste of a bagel. Replete with a muffin top and a variety of muffin-inspired flavors, the mufgel can be dressed up in bagel regalia with regular cream cheese, or dessert-ified with cannoli cream cheese.

“Bagels are my form of creative outlet. I can’t draw a stick figure, but with dough, flour, and water, I can do creative things,” Rossillo told Distractify during a Facebook Live event last Saturday.

Although Rossillo has teased out some details about the mufgel, little is known about what kind of variety customers can expect when they drop for the first time this Saturday. So far, there are at least two known flavors—carrot cake and chocolate chip crumb. And as for cream cheeses to complement this new mythical beast? Rossillo suggests cannoli or s’mores flavored cream cheese. Although any of the Bagel Store’s wild schmears, whether it be funfetti or caviar cream cheese, should make a formidable match for this new creation.

The mufgel is far from the first wacky breakfast item to come out of this Brooklyn bagel shop. Last summer, Rossillo introduced the rainbow bagel, a colorful, tie-dye inspired creation that blew up Instagram and had customers lining up for hours to get their own oven-baked, doughy acid trip. And Rossillo’s shop introduced the cragel back in 2014, a mashup between a croissant and a bagel with the hard shell of a bagel and the flaky, airiness of a croissant underneath.

So if you’re headed to Williamsburg to get your hands on breakfast history in the making, make sure your mufgel is Instagram-ready. And don’t even try to pass off a baguffin or muggel knockoff as the original—everyone will know you’re faking it.