Light the ham-scented candle and take deep breaths
Credit: Honey Baked Ham

Ham is a wonderful holiday treat. It is delicious and low key. It makes great leftovers. It makes great puns. It inspires a uniquely dedicated set of fans. In our office, we love ham enough that we made our holiday party last year entirely about ham and Champagne. It was called Hampagne. But things can go awry with ham, as with any large meal that you're cooking over the holidays. Maybe you needed to talk your aunt down from her latest crisis and forgot that you left the ham in the oven. Maybe you live in a rental with a crappy oven that cannot reliably hold a temperature, resulting in things that are somehow both raw and burned. Mistakes happen!

Honey Baked Ham has anticipated your holiday cooking disasters and has a useful kit for all you ham-heads out there. It's called a Hamergency Kit, and it includes a water fire extinguisher (useful!), fire resistant oven mitts, a first aid kit, a tissue, a wine tumbler, and my favorite part, a ham-scented candle. For you know, when you give up and just order pizza but want to give your house the illusion of fresh ham.

How do you get your ham hocks on a kit? Submit your worst cooking disaster story to Honey Baked Ham, and they'll send out a kit to winners chosen from the pile. Ever accidentally cook quinoa in vegetable oil instead of vegetable stock? Ever add salt to a pie crust instead of sugar? Now's your time to shine, friends.