All your brunch needs in one doughnut
EC: This Doughnut Has Eggs Benedict Stuffed Inside of It
Credit: doughnut image courtesy of sidecardoughnuts

These days, it feels like we’re locked in a perpetual arms race to see just what can fit inside of a doughnut. We’ve seen ice cream doughnuts take deep-fried dough decadence to the next level, but one Santa Monica shop decided to take things in a savory direction, setting a new standard for doughnut ingenuity in the process.

If you’re looking to bring the brunch experience with you on the go, look no further than Sidecar Doughnuts’ eggs benedict doughnut. As the name implies, this savory treat takes ham and a poached egg, wrapping both in dough and then shoving that inside a hollowed out, holeless doughnut. After thirty minutes of proofing (a process which solidifies the dough’s structure) and a quick dip in the deep frier, each doughnut is finished off with a dash of hollandaise sauce to complete the eggs benny effect.

According to Sidecar owner Sumter Pendergrast, the eggs benedict doughnut was the most viable savory doughnut concept after a period of experimentation: “We toyed with the idea of cutting the doughnut and putting things in it. And then we came up with the idea of poaching an egg, and actually wrapping the egg and ham inside the dough.” While one might think that such a doughnut is a mere marketing gimmick, patrons seem to find it surprisingly delightful. “Once people do bite in and get a fresh egg, they’re just blown away,” Pendergrast said.

Sidecar isn’t just famous for stuffing a brunch favorite inside of fried dough, however. Their huckleberry doughnut (made with a fresh huckleberry glaze) draws rave reviews, and their Butter & Salt doughnut (featuring vanilla bean cake smothered in a brown butter glaze and fleur de sel) shows that this Santa Monica staple can do sweet just as well as savory. Sounds like either one would make a perfect dessert for your eggs benedict entree.