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Egg Kejriwal Toast began as a secret

Rebecca Firkser
October 02, 2018

It seems like every classic breakfast dish, particularly ones with eggs, has an origin story. Just how Bruce Wayne, weary of the crime-ridden streets of Gotham, put on a mask and became Batman, if the dish on your brunch menu has a unique name, odds are there’s an anecdote coming your way. Take Egg Kejriwal Toast, which originated in South Mumbai. The dish, though relatively simple in terms of ingredients, was born as a meal with a secret identity, not unlike the Caped Crusader.

“The dish was originally created at Willingdon Sports Club for Devi Prasad Kejriwal,” Chef Floyd Cardoz, who serves Egg Kejriwal Toast at his Manhattan restaurant the Bombay Bread Bar, told me in an email. “He wasn't supposed to eat eggs due to his culture's strict vegetarian policy, so the chef would hide the sunny-side up egg under melted cheese and chilis.”

Cardoz mentioned that Egg Kejriwal Toast bears a resemblance to the popular UK snack cheese toast, but packs extra protein and flavor thanks to a sunny-side up egg and some chile for heat. 

While many chefs these days would never hide an egg because of its Instagrammable yolk, Cardoz serves his Egg Kejriwal Toast in the style of the original: the egg sits atop toasted brioche and the whole thing is covered with a thick layer of melted cheddar cheese. To make the dish unique to the Bombay Bread Bar, Cardoz tops the dish with a coconut-chili chutney.

Everything about Egg Kejriwal Toast screams “brunch.” Fatty cheese, runny egg yolk, a hit of heat from the chili-kissed chutney. In true boozy brunch fashion, Cardoz recommends pairing the toast with a tall Masala Mary (Bombay Bread Bar’s twist on a bloody mary) or a cup of hot chai. If that doesn’t cure your hangover or soothe the Sunday Scaries, it’s pretty safe to say nothing will.

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