A new video series where our favorite artists tell us what's for breakfast

By Alex Tepper,Lauren Kolm
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: photo by alex tepper

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Breakfast Beats, an interview series where we sit down with musicians and talk about the wonders of all things culture, music, and, of course, breakfast.

Back in 2015, electronic artist Katie Stelmanis, better known as Austra, left her home in Toronto, Canada, and hit the road. An entire recording studio in her backpack, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Stelmanis traveled to Mexico City, where Austra’s newest album Future Politics was born. In light of the new album’s wanderlust origins, and the fact Austra is currently on tour, we wanted to know the first thing an indie synthpop star does when she wakes up in a new city. The answer? Eat breakfast, of course. We met up with Stelmanis at Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn to sample her chosen morning meal: pizza.

Stelmanis prefers a minimalist pizza in the morning: a classic Margherita with chili oil on the side. “It’s basically breakfast,” she insists. “People have bread and cheese for breakfast all the time.” To this, we say yes. Emphatically, yes.

In this first episode of Breakfast Beats, we talk with Austra about her go-to breakfast spots, what happens if she drinks coffee, and why she would serve avocado toast to Nina Simone.