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Avoid the dreaded avocado hand with the EasyAvo

Tim Nelson
Updated: September 14, 2018

Life is full of difficulties. In modern times, dealing with avocados seems to be chief among them. The scourge of “avocado hand” has sent scores of millennials to the ER with sliced digits, making the “superfood” not only expensive, but downright dangerous. Thankfully, some enterprising food scientists have found a way to subvert nature so the avocado can get along better with the humans who crave them.

As of this week, UK grocery chain Tesco will sell what they’re calling the “Easy Avo,” a variety of the overpriced fruit genetically engineered to offer a safer opening experience. As opposed to the standard Hass avocado, this South African specialty is marked by a thicker outer skin with a “corkier” consistency. To open it up, one must simply cut the avocado in half and pull the edible portion of the fruit away from its outer flesh.

Of course, the added convenience comes at a price: Tesco will sell the specialty avo for £1.95 (about $2.55), more than twice the cost of a standard 85p Hass or Fuerte avocado. But can you really put a price on avoiding the embarrassment of telling everyone you nearly lopped your finger off because you were just too excited to open up an avocado? Absolutely not.

With such a lucrative market for standard avocado varieties, it’s clear that Tesco sees pound signs with a rare type that promises to cut down on injury risk. “Last year customers bought nearly 60 million avocados from us, so we’re sure that this fantastic avocado will minimalise fuss and make life a little bit easier,” Tesco avocado buyer (what a job) Laura Marsden Payne told Metro UK.

So there you have it: we may not have cured cancer yet, but at least opening an avocado is less dangerous than it used to be. For now, Tesco says the Easy Avo is a limited-time offer, a fact that’s likely dictated by current supply in South Africa more than anything else. Anyways, if you’re British and fancy eating an avocado while keeping all ten of your digits, get down to the bloody Tesco and nosh on the Easy Avo.

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