Blame Florida

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo by Maxine Builder

The Dunkin’ Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy has an unwieldy name, but the drink itself is pretty simple. It's just two ingredients: a Dunkin' Donuts Coolatta and a can of Monster Energy. The energy drink-slash-Coolatta was first introduced in April 2017, though it was only available at "participating Dunkin’ restaurants in New England, Miami and West Palm Beach," according to a press release from the time, noting, "If you find yourself in New England, Miami or West Palm Beach and in need of little extra energy, be sure to try one!" Well, apparently the Dunkin' Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy was so popular in New England and Florida that it's officially going nationwide.

Starting on Sunday, July 3, you'll be able to order the Dunkin' Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy at Dunkin' Donuts locations across the country. The drink is still just a can of Monster Energy with either Blue Raspberry or Strawberry flavoring from the Coolatta, served over ice—though if you're in the vicinity of New York City, you might also be to find "Dunkin’ Energy Punch Powered by NOS Energy Drink." (NOS Energy Drink is also produced by Coca-Cola, the company that makes Monster Energy).

Really, though, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this decidedly aggressive drink has quickly become a favorite among hardcore Dunkin' fans. That's partially because the drink was inspired by Dunkin' employees, who were already making this combination in stores.

And, if anything, the absurdity of the combination is part of the appeal.

You might hate on it, but the Dunkin' Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy is kind of the perfect summer drink—especially if you're willing to add a bit of an adult twist.

But if you still hate it, blame the folks from Florida and New England who made it so popular that Dunkin' thought it'd be a good idea to take it nationwide.