As long as we've got iced coffee, you know?

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Earlier this week, it was reported that Dunkin' Donuts would be simplifying its menu at over 700 locations, moving away from savory foods and putting more focus on its core offerings—which are, ultimately, coffee and doughnuts. The Boston Globe compiled a list of the food items that are being ditched from some Dunkin' Donuts locations, and it's pretty extensive. To-be-axed items include reduced-fat blueberry muffins, reduced-fat cream cheese, all bagel twists along with many bagel flavors, and all of the afternoon sandwiches.

And, as expected, there are some customers are livid about the forthcoming change to the Dunkin' Donuts food menu:

But here's the surprising thing. For the first time in perhaps the history of the internet, haters are in the vast minority. For months, if not years, people have been complaining on social media that Dunkin' Donuts has too much food on its menu. Regular Dunkin' customers actively shame those who place food orders while they're just trying to get their iced coffee with cream and sugar.

Staring wordlessly at the Dunkin' food menu in confusion in an attempt to decipher WTF is happening is another recurring theme.

When people go to Dunkin', it seems like they want to get in, get coffee, and get out—not wait in line for people to clarify complicated orders.

The confusion about Dunkin' Donuts' food menu has even been felt in places where the chain reigns supreme, like Massachusetts.

It's not just customers who have been unsatisfied by the extensive menu, though. The Dunkin' food menu was so complicated that it seems that some of the folks behind the counter weren't even sure what was what.

And don't forget the folks who didn't even realize that getting a meal at Dunkin' was, like, a thing to do.

So maybe this food menu reduction ultimately a good thing for Dunkin' Donuts. It doesn't seem like most people are that perturbed—as long as they can still get their regular iced coffee with extra sugar and extra cream in the morning.