Photo Courtesy Dunkin' Donuts

America runs on pumpkin Dunkin'

Maxine Builder
Updated: February 07, 2018

For the second year in a row, Dunkin' Donuts is beating Starbucks to the pumpkin punch. According to a press release sent to Extra Crispy, Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin coffee will return on August 28, along with the Massachusetts-based coffee company's line of pumpkin-flavored treats that includes doughnuts, Munchkin doughnut holes, and muffins. (In case you forgot, the first day of autumn is officially September 22. But who's counting anymore?)

In addition to the Pumpkin Doughnut, which is "a glazed pumpkin cake doughnut," and the Pumpkin Muffin, a "pumpkin spiced autumn delight topped with white icing and sweet streusel crumbs," Dunkin' Donuts will be offering a brand new Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread. And customers who want to drink their pumpkin instead of eating it will be able to add the flavor to any of Dunkin' Donuts' signature drinks, including iced coffee, which seems appropriate since the pumpkin flavor will be coming out while it's still summertime. Yes, August is still summertime no matter what national coffee chains try to tell you.

To celebrate the launch of these new pumpkin-flavored treats, Dunkin' Donuts is partnering with Dancing Pumpkin Man, that meme of a man dancing in a black morphsuit with a Jack 'O Lantern on his head. (To be clear, Dancing Pumpkin Man was born of a Halloween tradition, not a summer one. But I guess all holidays are celebrated whenever we want now, regardless of what the calendar says.)

There are also some other fall-flavored breakfast treats coming to Dunkin' on August 28, including new Maple Pecan flavored coffees, a Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, and a Festive Fall Donut. But none of those are pumpkin-flavored, so I don't care, I guess? 2017 sure is wild.

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