This breakfast gets really scary, really quickly
EC: Drunk DIY: Spooky Breakfast Sausage Mummies and Spiders

The other day, we were trolling for Pinterest-inspired Halloween breakfast recipes when we stumbled across these spooky breakfast sausage mummies and slightly-less-scary hot dog spiders. Within seconds, we were messaging each other like, "Yes, let's make those." After all, we're Extra Crispy's resident craft queens, and no DIY project is too intimidating for us. (Have you seen our DIY Halloween costumes? If not, go check them out now because we slayed.) And these Halloween breakfast sausages were totally in our wheelhouse. They're a little bit kooky, a little bit cute, and a little bit spooky—and we wanted to make this video to teach you how to make these Halloween-inspired breakfast masterpieces, too.

Here's the thing, though. We were a little nervous, since neither of us spend a lot of time on camera, and we may have accidentally gotten a little drunk beforehand. (Sorry, boss.)

For the record, you don't have to be drunk to make these spooky breakfast sausage treats, but we don't think it hurts. And either way, we think you'll learn a lot from our successes and our mistakes, because the whole experience was a little scary. But that's perfect for Halloween, right? (Again, we're really sorry, boss.)

xo, Maxine and Lauren