It was only a matter of time

cocktail drone
Credit: image courtesy of youtube

Drones. Drones everywhere. When they aren’t busy bumping into commercial aircraft, pilotless aircraft are zipping around to film things and (potentially) drop off packages from 7-Eleven. But you wouldn’t expect to see a quadcopter patrolling the skies at a cocktail party or inside a trendy speakeasy, would you?

Well, if “culinary experience company” A Razor, A Shiny Knife has their way, you just might need to watch for whirring blades the next time you order a drink. In a video created in partnership with Fernet Branca, Michael Cirina discusses how he sees drones as a “creative canvas,” and studied “the choreography of robots” in order to figure out how to program one to achieve a novel, entertaining purpose. The end result is a drone which can be programmed to shake or stir cocktails while hovering over party guests.

While the combination of spinning rotor blades and booze doesn’t sound like a smart combination on paper, Cirino says that they considered safety its main priority. That’s why putting the cocktail together (in this case the Fernet and gin-based “pilot”) and pouring it is still the responsibility of us pathetic humans, and the drone can only take off and land from a specific platform with buttons that tell it whether to “shake” or “stir."

But who knows what the future might hold? It’s not too farfetched to believe that we might someday be able to order a cocktail from our phones and have it delivered right into our waiting hands, all without having to talk to a “mixologist.” After all, if drones and other automated AI-powered robots are going to claim all of our jobs, the least they could do in return is make us a decent drink.