The Ripple will feed up to 8 people, if you're lucky
EC: Doughnut Plant Debuts a Mega-Doughnut for Your Thanksgiving Table
Credit: Photo courtesy of Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant, baker Mark Isreal’s New York chain, is launching it’s latest doughnut creation today: the Ripple. Offered in three different flavor combinations, the bulls-eye-like mega-doughnuts each feature three rings of different flavors, delicately connected for the ultimate slice. And you will probably just want a slice—the $24 creation is said to feed six to eight people. For now, the Ripple is only available in limited quantities at Doughnut Plant's Chelsea location, starting at 11 a.m. every day.

The flavor combinations include Berry Parfait (with blueberry, yogurt-granola, and raspberry), Mochaccino (coffee, milk, and mocha with a sprinkle of cinnamon), and a Thanksgiving-themed Ripple with cranberry, crystallized ginger, and sweet potato rings.

Wild and creative flavors are nothing new for Doughnut Plant. They’re known for going all-out for special occasions and for experimenting with surprising ingredients. This year alone, they rolled out a special hamantaschen doughnut for Purim, shamrock shaped treats complete with edible clovers for St. Patrick’s day, and a mini peach doughnut for Roald Dahl’s birthday. They also introduced savory doughnuts, featuring avocado and potato fillings.

If you’re looking to take a page from Doughnut Plant’s book and mix it up this Thanksgiving, replacing your typical pumpkin pie with their Thanksgiving Ripple seems like the perfect updated finale to your Turkey Day meal. Of course, it’s already excellent for breakfast the next morning.

(And just remember: every Ripple is a personal Ripple if you work hard and believe in yourself.)