The longtime couple joins in hole-y matrimony on National Doughnut Day
EC: Doughnut Marries Coffee in Vegas Wedding
Credit: Photos by Lissa Townsend Rodgers

The Little Church of the West has a long history as a favorite place for celebrity couples to exchange rings: Betty Grable and Harry James, Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, and, now, Sprinkles and Cuppy.

Today, the happy couple celebrated National Doughnut Day by putting a ring on it in the shadow of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Dunkin’ Donuts employees Sprinkles the Donut and Cuppy the Iced Coffee made their longtime partnership official in an intimate ceremony at the 74-year-old chapel at the end of the Las Vegas Strip.

The duo stood before a crowd of friends, loved ones, and a few moist-eyed bakers as they said their vows. Cuppy swore to love Sprinkles even if she should “lose some crumbs in sickness or become doughy in health” and Sprinkles pledged her devotion to Cuppy “even in sickness when his straw becomes limp.”

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After the ceremony, the bride and groom adjourned to the gazebo, where they joined their guests for a reception breakfast of iced java, paired with an assortment of Bavarian crèmes and jelly filleds. (Wait… isn’t that cannibalism?) The joyous pair then hopped into a pink stretch limo to begin what promises to be a sweet honeymoon—they haven’t disclosed where, though rumor has it they may visit some of Cuppy’s relatives in Brazil, or vacation in Holland, Sprinkles’ ancestral home. Or they may just go to corporate headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts.

Although some attendees questioned Doughnut Day’s placement right at the opening of swimsuit season, all agreed that this marriage promises to be a long and sweet one.

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Lissa Townsend Rodgers moved from New York City to Las Vegas over a decade ago in search of a place where both bourbon and bacon-egg sandwiches are available 24-7. By day, she is a senior writer for Vegas Seven magazine. By night she can be found fighting injustice and leaping tall neon signs in a single bound or sitting on her couch watching Kojak reruns.