Introducing the cremella from Stax Ice Cream in New York City

EC: These Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Hot and Cold
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

Vida Feng and Sophie Gao were inspired to open their own ice cream shop because, quite simply, the duo loves the stuff. So much so that they learned how to make their own ice cream and now sell it at their new store Stax Ice Cream in Manhattan's Chinatown. The flavors—which include cornflakes and bourbon, matcha, Fruity Pebbles, s'mores, and jasmine tea—are delicious enough on their own. But the ice cream at Stax tastes, and looks, even more delicious when pressed into a hot doughnut.

Stax's cremella is basically a doughnut stuffed with ice cream. Feng and Gao recruited a family friend to make the doughnuts fresh daily, both glazed and unglazed. They cut the doughnut in half and add a huge scoop of the ice cream in the middle. Then they place the whole thing in a hot doughnut press for seven seconds. The doughnut press looks like a waffle iron but without the grooves, and it heats the doughnut and seals in the ice cream, keeping the middle cold even as the pastry warms up. You can get the cremella rolled in the topping of your choice, including a selection of breakfast cereals, and then drizzled with either condensed milk or chocolate sauce.

The result is a delicious treat that's hot and cold and sweet, through and through. Watch how the Instagram-friendly snack is made: