Like KFC's Double Down, except breakfast

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

When you ask her about the Double Brown, Megan Johnson, the cofounder and executive chef of Hudson Jane, is quick to admit its fast food origins. "I always thought the McDonald's hash brown was completely underutilized," Johnson says. And though she's never eaten a Double Down, the infamous sandwich formed by two pieces of fried chicken rather than bread, she admits she became fascinated with the idea of serving up a sandwich in between two slices of not-bread after a friend swore that KFC's so-called "stunt food" was amazing.

With that, the Double Brown was born. It's a breakfast sandwich composed of Berkshire pork bacon, a fried egg, tomato, lettuce, and Hudson Jane's Aleppo aioli in between two regular hash brown patties. The result is a breakfast sandwich that might seem like a gimmick but is decidedly delicious and not not addictive. "We make a million of them for brunch. I had a friend come in and she's like, 'I'm jonesing. I'm jonesing for the Double Brown,'" Johnson says. "All the staff will even say, 'I think it's a Double Brown day.'"

Don't feel like you have to be fancy when you eat the Hudson Jane Double Brown, with a knife and fork and all of that. "I want people to pick it up and eat it like a sandwich," Johnson says. And after you watch the making of this breakfast behemoth, you'll probably be wishing you could pick one up right now, too.

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