You probably shouldn’t order a dozen of these

By Tim Nelson
Updated June 19, 2018
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Consider the doughnut and its place in the modern world. Once nothing more than a perfectly fine (even delicious) breakfast confection, the doughnut of today has been transformed into little more than a template. Dominique Ansel’s cronut kicked off the craze, drawing rave reviews and long lines. Soon enough, imitators have done their best to fashion even foods as unorthodox as sushi into that familiar doughnut format.

But nothing has properly prepared us for whatever the hell a “donug” is supposed to be. It’s deep fried and fashioned into a circle, but that’s where the similarities between what we think of as a doughnut and this monstrosity come to an end. The brainchild of demented Scotsman Craig Carrick, this thing is a sort of free range chicken nugget breaded with corn flakes and panko breadcrumbs for texture. It’s then slathered with your choice of a spicy chili sauce, cheesy dijon, or a mozzarella-based Japanese curry. Sweet it certainly is not.

As with any off-the-wall food these days, the Donug obviously has its own Instagram account, which showcases Carrick’s mad creation in all its crispy, gooey glory.

For better or worse, the Donug is only available for purchase in Carrick’s current hometown of Melbourne. But likely owing to his recent appearance on Shark Tank Australia, the Evening Standard reports that Carrick has secured an investment that could help take his operation global, with a likely £5 retail price in the UK. And even though Seth Meyers told his audience on Monday night that “whatever you do, donug eat this,” America’s appetite for oddly-shaped chicken (chicken rings, anyone?) means that this thing certainly has a chance to catch on stateside.

Is the donug actually any good? Who cares! These days, all it takes is a new spin on an old form to get the world’s attention. By that measure, we salute you, donug man, for making a faux breakfast item that will either cure or accelerate our future hangovers.