The brand dubbed Crenn the World's Best Female Chef last year

By Sammy Nickalls
Updated February 13, 2018
Dominique Crenn
Credit: photo by Michael Tran via getty images

In 2016, San Pellegrino awarded Chef's Table star Dominique Crenn with the World's Best Female Chef 2016 award. However, the San Francisco chef is now pointing out the company's male-dominated juror pool, and is asking them to "please evolve and do the right thing." Crenn recently posted a screenshot of the jurors for the company's 2018 Young Chef competition that has been going viral because all 37 jurors depicted are men. She's taking to Instagram to call out the company for its lack of fair representation in the competition, which aims to discover "the best young chef in the world."

"I thought we all got the memo that women are 50 percent of the population," Crenn wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday. "Oh wait...54 percent."

San Pellegrino’s site lists a few women as jurors who aren’t depicted in the image, but it’s still painfully evident that the majority are men, and as a result, Crenn called San Pellegrino's leadership skills "disappointing." "You are not inspiring and I hope you learn from this, and show up for all of us," she wrote in the post. "Please evolve and do the thing...shame on you."

As Eater highlights, this is just a recent sample of sexism within the competition; the company's list of 50 best restaurants includes a woeful dearth of female-led restaurants. Crenn has been a champion of the industry for women, speaking out multiple times about the lack of representation and inherent sexism—and even the problem with being known as a “female chef.”

“We are all chefs, but I am supposed to be something else, too,” she wrote in an article earlier this year for Munchies. “I am expected to be a champion on the gender cause on top of that. Don't get me wrong: I want to help pave the way to make things better for female chefs in our industry—and for all chefs in general—but I worry that I will always be seen as a female chef first, and a chef second.”