Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Brew Shop

You were going to spend $70 on rosé at some point anyway

Tim Nelson
May 17, 2018

With temperatures rising, rosé season is almost here. If you’re one of those “rosé all day” types who nonetheless still needs to pay off their predatory student loans or you just want a greater sense of ownership over the alcohol you consume this summer, a new offering from Brooklyn Brew Shop will have you YAAAASing like you’ve never YASed before.

That’s because the same folks who’ve blessed us with home brew kits for everything from classic beers to the Unicorn IPA have a new DIY sparkling rosé kit on sale now. Seventy dollars gets you everything you need to make five bottles of your very own bright and bubbly beverage (minus “a few empty champagne bottles and a little patience”), including cuvée yeast, yeast nutrient, wine grape juice, and all of the required homebrew hardware.

And lest you worry you need some sort of expert home-brew knowledge, the instructions seem relatively simple. If anything, the hardest part might be waiting out the six weeks it takes between the beginning of the fermentation process and when a newly-bottled batch is ready to go.

It may seem like a time-consuming process, but a net price of $14 a bottle and the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing your summer drinking is self-sufficient is hard to beat. Consider it a great rainy day activity that will pay dividends once you’re sitting poolside and toasting the fruits of your labor.  

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