Plus a tip for keeping them crispy in all the right places
EC: DIY Microwave Egg Sandwiches Will Save You Time and Money
Credit: Photo by LauriPatterson via Getty Images

If your mornings tend to be busy, grabbing an egg sandwich from the corner store or drive-through may be the only way to get a boost of energy before work. Sure, you could quickly zap a packaged egg sandwich, but those always taste like they were made by a machine. Turns out, there’s actually a super-quick (and much cheaper) solution to getting your morning BEC: Make a bunch yourself on Sunday night, freeze them, then microwave them on your way out the door. Plus, we have a great tip for keeping egg sandwiches crispy while still melting the cheese.

Mix 10 eggs in a large bowl with ¾ cup milk, a splash of seltzer, and lots of salt and pepper. Add some freshly chopped parsley or chives, then pour the egg mixture into a well-greased glass baking dish or jumbo muffin tin. Bake the eggs for 20-25 minutes (muffin tins may take less time, so check after 15 minutes.)

While the eggs bake, cook 10 strips of bacon, sausage patties, or slices of breakfast ham (or a mixture of everything!) until crisp, then set aside.

When the eggs are set, pop them out of the muffin tin or use a glass with an opening about the side of an English muffin to cut circles from the tray of baked eggs.

Toast 5 English muffins and lay a thin slice of cheese on each bottom half. Place an egg circle over the cheese slices, then add breakfast meat. If you want, add leftover roasted vegetables from last night's dinner. Then, top the sandwiches with the other half of the English muffin. Store the 5 sandwiches in a freezer bag.

Ready to learn the best way to make your sandwich taste like you just made it? When you’re ready to eat, grab a sandwich from the freezer, wrap it in a damp paper towel, then in parchment paper. Microwave the sandwich for 2 ½ minutes on high, then toss it in your bag. Now, put on your shoes and run out the door—you’ve still got to get to that 9:15 meeting.

Here are some winning breakfast sandwich combos:

Egg + bacon + American cheese

Egg + breakfast sausage patty + smoked gouda cheese

Egg + Taylor Ham + sharp cheddar cheese

Egg + roasted vegetables + gruyere cheese

Egg + vegetarian sausage patty + guacamole