It's 2018, and novelty amusement park food is breakfast

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 18, 2018
Credit: Photos courtesy of Walmart

These three words are sure to incite some sort of reaction from you: Dippin’ Dots Cereal. The recently released collaboration between the iconic pebble-shaped ice cream brand and cereal giant General Mills is now available exclusively at Walmart, just in time for those hot summer months where a cereal based on an ice cream makes slightly more sense than usual.

On first glance, Dippin' Dots cereal—which comes in two flavors: Banana Split and Cookies & Cream—actually makes a lot of sense. Dippin’ Dots are a lot of little spheres served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon, and, likewise, Dippin’ Dots Cereal looks like another General Mills’ mainstay, Trix, which is a lot of little spheres served in a bowl with a spoon. In fact, the base Dippin’ Dot cereal isn’t that different from Trix: fruit-flavored, sweetened cereal balls made from corn and oat. (Trix, for the record, doesn’t contain any oat.) What sets Dippin’ Dots Cereal apart, however, is the addition of its “Flavored Clusters” which, though not actual Dippin’ Dots, look at bit more like the frozen treat: They are small clusters of even smaller little spheres.

According to the site Snack Gator, one of the first outlets to post a thorough review of the cereals, these clusters are what really make these products shine. “I think I’m in love with these Clusters,” reviewer Jeni wrote about the Banana Split version of the cereal. “They are pastel and pretty, and have a soft coating. When I bit into one, it had the texture of a Rice Krispies treat, which was pretty fun. Now the flavor….the flavor is absolutely, 100%, unmistakably, spot on banana split. Unbelievably yummy. I could eat a box of just the Clusters.”

Meanwhile, the YouTube site Consumer Time Capsule dedicated a 15-minute review to the new cereals. Their initial take on the Banana Split flavor: “It’s not that bad; it’s actually pretty good.”

However, the simple idea of Dippin’ Dots Cereal opens itself up for criticism, whether you’ve tried it or not. “Now you can experience the joy of shitty overpriced ice cream without having to go to Six Flags Great Adventure to get it,” quipped Junk Banter. Meanwhile, Grub Street decided that “Dippin’ Dots Cereal Is Not the Future of Breakfast,” playing off Dippin’ Dots’ old “The Future of Ice Cream” slogan.

Overall, the sentiment around Dippin’ Dots Cereal seems to be very similar to those of Dippin’ Dots ice cream. If you happen to be at a Walmart/amusement park, and you’ve never had Dippin’ Dots Cereal/ice cream, it’s probably worth trying just so you can see what it’s like, but after that, it’s probably not worth going out of your way to a Walmart/amusement park just to get the stuff, and even if you do happen to be at one of those places, you probably won’t find yourself rushing to eat it again.