Baseball fans aren't superstitious or anything
EC: Did the Mets Lose Because de Blasio Bet Rainbow Bagels They Would Win?
Credit: Photo by Al Bello via Getty Images

As you may now have heard, the Mets lost their bid for the wild card last night to the San Francisco Giants in what was described as a nail-biting match-up. There are many reasons why things turned out this way in the Mets vs. Giants game—and long-suffering Mets fans will have all year to mull them over—but because baseball is, if anything, a superstitious sport, I’m going to propose one you may not have considered: rainbow bagels. Yesterday, Bill de Blasio engaged in a bit of mock-sparring, on Twitter, with San Francisco mayor Ed Lee. The two mayors, grandstanding, were each claiming that their city had the other beat when it came to baseball. “Hey @BilldeBlasio,” Lee wrote, “there’s only one ‘b’ that NYC does better than SF, and that’s bagels, NOT baseball. @SFGiants will win tonight!”

That’s where things went wrong. “You got one part of that right, @MayorEdLee,” de Blasio playfully replied. “I’ll bet you @Mets win tonight…and I'll put our latest bagel innovation on the line.” He tweeted out a photo of what looked like an array of unbaked rainbow bagels but what very well could have been some weird simulacrum constructed from Play-Doh or polymer clay.

Rainbow bagels have existed for a while, though they recently achieved viral status in New York thanks to Williamsburg’s Bagel Store, which has been churning them out for two decades, and a healthy dose of social media attention.

Like the cronut, rainbow bagels represent the kind of food New Yorkers aren’t really proud to associate with—but, you know, they’ll take it, because the city gets attention for everything, and why not this? Still, New Yorkers’ bashfulness about this gaudy, synthetic bread far outweighs the urge to celebrate it, which is why de Blasio’s tweet came out of left field, so to speak.

This isn’t the first time de Blasio has bet on bagels. Two years ago, in another bit of online repartee, he bet Montreal mayor Denis Coderre a bag of bagels that the New York Rangers would vanquish the Canadiens in the 2014 NHL Eastern Conference Finals. The bag, from the looks of it, appeared to contain some combination of everything, sesame and plain. And in that instance, the Rangers won.

New York’s avuncular mayor can be forgiven, of course, for his multi-colored indiscretion. But it’s hard not to wonder if his tone-deaf tweet conferred any bad luck on the Mets. We’ll never know, but the thought lingers.