The product comes courtesy of none other than the Delta Faucet Company

By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 23, 2018
Delta First Wave Glass Rinser
Credit: Courtesy of First Wave, The Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company

Not that long ago, beer drinkers were simply happy to see their suds slung in a glass that wasn’t cracked. But as fancy brews have gone more mainstream, many beer bars have taken to using glass rinsers to blast glassware clean right before serving. You’ve seen them in action: You flip a glass upside-down and push it into the circular device that powerfully sprays water upward into every last cranny. And now, thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign, you can install one of these rinsers in your own home.

First Wave—the new innovation lab from the Delta Faucet Company (yes, everyone has a catchily-named innovation lab these days)—has introduced the First Wave Glass Rinser which the company bills as “an innovation familiar to bars and restaurants, reimagined for residential homes.” Even better, the brand promises that it “can be easily installed in sinks alongside any new or existing faucet.”

Delta First Wave Glass Rinser
Credit: Courtesy of First Wave, The Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company

Though Delta Faucet is clearly a well-established brand that doesn’t need crowdsourcing to launch a new product, the company says it’s turned to Indiegogo’s Enterprise Services—“which enables established companies to accelerate innovation by engaging directly with Indiegogo's global community”—with the hope of collecting consumer comments. “We need your feedback. Not your funding,” the Indiegogo page admits. “We’re willing to sell our first batch of Glass Rinsers at a substantial discount in order to receive feedback from real consumers like you.”

Officially launched yesterday, the early bird options have already sold out, but First Wave is still offering the Glass Rinser for $95, which the company suggests is a 24 percent discount—a price that will be available until November 19. What is a bit odd, however, is that the delivery date isn’t slated until October 2019—a full year from now. You’d think a big company like Delta Faucet would be able to handle a faster turnaround on a product that already appears to be reasonably well developed!

Regardless, if you’ve ever wanted a way of “powering away leftover gunk” in your glasses—or just wanted to grow a mustache a play fancy craft beer bartender at home—this Glass Rinser might be right up your alley. You can find the Indiegogo campaign here.

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