One hurled fruit broke a clerk's jaw

A cartel in Mexico is shaking down avocado producers
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Avocados are getting all sorts of dangerous in the weirdest ways. Earlier this week, a woman allegedly found a bullet inside her avocado (!). And now, a jaw is broken because of the stone fruit. The NYPD released a video on Tuesday showing a pair of angry men gathering armfuls of avocados and hurling them at the clerk behind the counter—21-year-old Amir Alzabibi—at a New York deli, breaking his jaw. (Those must have been some unripe avocados.) The clerk reportedly clutched his head and fell to the floor as the men trashed the store. The dispute happened at about 4:45 AM when Alzabibi got Gomez's sandwich order wrong.

"This was a dispute over the food order and you see what happened," NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said in a statement. "This fellow was injured pretty badly."

No kidding. In act, along with the clerk's jaw, other bones in his face were broken in the attack. He was treated at Lincoln Hospital. “I’m on so much pain eye is swollen shut,” Alzabibi told the New York Daily News. “I have double vision. I had an orbital floor fracture. It's really bad. It is so much swelling you cannot even see my eye."

Luckily, on Thursday, cops caught the avocado hurler: Brad Gomez, who was charged with assault. According to the Daily News, workers at the deli said that Gomez was a regular customer, and he never caused issues previously.