This has to be a good idea, right?
EC: Del Taco's New One-Pound Breakfast Burrito Only Costs $4.99
Credit: Photo Courtesy Del Taco

What do four sticks of butter, a book, a guinea pig, and Del Taco's new breakfast burrito have in common? They each weigh about a pound. Yes, there's a new fast-food breakfast burrito in town, and it's a big one. Starting on March 23, you can order a one-pound breakfast burrito from Del Taco. Called the Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito, it's "stuffed with scrambled eggs (sorry, no runny eggs), chorizo, cheese, roasted chili salsa, sliced avocado and sour cream," and lined with two 6-inch corn tortillas, according to a report by the San Bernardino County Sun. “This is a real biggie,” Anne Albertine, Del Taco’s director of research and development, told a reporter at the newspaper—which seems like a bit of an understatement given that this breakfast burrito weighs 17 ounces. That's basically the size of a football.

Del Taco has dabbled in the art of extra-large breakfast burritos before, serving half-pounder breakfast burritos that are stuffed with scrambled eggs and your choice of carne asada, bacon, or chorizo. But, as Albertine explained, the so-called epic burrito is, "going to be one of our biggest burritos yet." And Del Taco is kind of banking on customers falling in love with this super-sized breakfast concept. Over the last two years, Del Taco's strongest sales have come from breakfast, which now makes up "12.5 percent of the chain's total sales."

Del Taco's renewed commitment to breakfast is one that fast food companies have been emulating across the board (and one about which I'm not complaining), and the new 17-ounce burrito is only one of Del Taco's newest breakfast items that's launching later this month. They've also upped their coffee game by adding a new iced coffee blend and switching to a more robust roast of coffee, and replaced their sausage patty with chorizo. Yes, chorizo in your fast food burrito. Things are good for cheap meat lovers these days, that's for sure.

Really, the question here isn't whether you're going to go to Del Taco and order this one-pound breakfast burrito or not. You're going to order it. After all, it's a one-pound breakfast burrito that only costs $4.99, and honestly, I would be disappointed if you didn't try it at least once. You can also add a drink and five hash browns for an extra $2, which seems like a steal.

But should you eat a 17-ounce breakfast burrito from Del Taco? Maybe not. As a breakfast professional, I have to admit that I'm a little skeptical about the structural integrity of such a beast of a meal. But there's only one way to find out whether it's a good idea. Or not.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder