Celebrate like its 1999
EC: Dairy Queen's Treatzza Pizza Is Back
Credit: Image courtesy Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen lovers, rejoice! America’s favorite soft serve chain is bringing back the Treatzza Pizza, the amazing cookie-crusted, candy-topped ice cream pizza that was the centerpiece of many a millennial’s pre-teen birthday parties. The dessert pizza debuted in the mid-1990’s and has been on a years-long hiatus, but is returning to the freezers of Dairy Queen stores across the US just in time for things to really heat up this summer. The even better news is that this throwback treat will now come in even more flavors than we had during our childhood.

For those of you who have never had the blessed opportunity to mow down on a Treatzza Pizza, allow us to explain the ingenious creation. A pressed, chocolate flavored, cookie-like base forms the crust, which is topped with a thin layer vanilla ice cream, drizzled with sweet sauce, and sprinkled with candy.

The Treatzza Pizza was discontinued in 2008, leaving ice cream and cookie crust fiends tragically without their favorite novelty summer-time indulgence. But DQ seems more than ready to make up for the lost time, adding a few new toppings to the Treatzza Pizza menu. Right now, Dairy Queen’s website lists Reese’s cups, M&Ms, choco brownie, and Heath bar as the different flavor options.

Cosmopolitan reports that the Treatzza Pizza isn’t the only discontinued DQ treat that’s getting a second life this summer. The Misty Slush is also back in action, available in cherry, blue raspberry, grape, lemon-lime, and strawberry kiwi. Mmmm tastes like the best parts of childhood.

Both the pizzas and the Misty Slushies are already available in all Dairy Queen stores, and it appears they’re back for good this time. But just in case DQ plans to pull a fast one and yank these faves after a limited time, better to run, not walk to the nearest Dairy Queen and relive your youth ASAP. Just be careful not to get brain freeze.