Wake up with live-fire cooking
EC: Curtis Stone Made Us the Ultimate Butcher’s Breakfast Sandwich
Credit: Video by Julia Bembenek

What do you like on your breakfast sandwich? Bacon, American cheese, a sunny egg? That’s all well and good. Totally fine if you want to keep things above board and not freak out the squares. Curtis Stone, from LA’s Maude and Gwen and lots of food TV shows, does things differently. His butcher’s breakfast sandwich is a beautiful mess of skirt steak, foie gras, burrata, and upland cress, piled on Gwen’s house-made bread. And because you can’t put a breakfast sandwich on the internet without a runny egg, of course he adds two fried eggs that will burst and cover your entire morning in yolk.

Stone is a big fan of live-fire cooking, because it gives meat a special char. But we have a feeling it’s also because it’s cool to look at. “I can sit and look at a fire all night long,” he says, explaining the benefits of the ancient technique. “We’ve been doing it for centuries, right? Like, an animal on a stick, next to a fire. That’s how we cook.” If only our local bodega guy would give it a try.