With your host, Matt Gross
EC: Cricket Eggs Benedict: Is It Gross?
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

When you grow up with a name like Gross, you learn pretty quickly what it means: icky, yucky, disgusting. You know—gross. But you also learn, just as fast, to own it. Gross is big, gross is great, gross is 144 of whatever kind of awesomeness you’ve got. Just because I’m Gross doesn’t mean I’m gross.

In Is It Gross?, I’m applying that same POV to the weird, wild world of breakfast foods. I’ll be sampling the oddest morning-time treats I can find—from the funky to the freaky, from far-flung delicacies to local abominations—trying to answer two fundamental questions: 1) Is it gross? 2) Is that such a bad thing?

We begin with eggs Benedict. Yup, just your regular old humble poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, atop Canadian bacon and English muffins. Except…there are crickets in the hollandaise. Definitely not Escoffier-approved. But are they gross? And will I like them better than the spiders I ate in Cambodia, or worse than the ants I had in Copenhagen? Only one way to find out!