Doughnut detective Pikachu has seen some stuff, man
Credit: Photos courtesy of @minmicaru

I’m not going to lie: Watching the nostalgia-lacedDetective Pikachu trailer earlier this week warmed my cold, dead heart for a moment. And while the internet can’t seem to come to a consensus on whether the Ryan Reynolds-voiced furry Pikachu is cute or creepy, everyone in Japan seems to agree that one doughnut chain’s attempt to recreate the film’s titular character is decidedly unsettling.

It looks like Mister Donut, a popular breakfast chain throughout Japan, has been having a bit of a tough time translating everyone’s favorite electric-type pokemon into a tasty treat. What was supposed to look like a cute confection ended up resembling a creature of nightmares; a dead-eyed detective Pokemon whose seen one too many gruesome crime scenes.

You vs the Pokemon she told you not to worry about:

As you might expect, visitors to what SoraNews24 calls Japan’s most popular doughnut shop were not on board. The Pikachu doughnut wasn’t slated for nationwide release until November 16th, but some locations jumped the gun and started offering them on November 9th. They probably shouldn’t have, given that customers skipped out on ordering the offending doughnuts.

Those fan reactions led Mister Donut to press pause on the nationwide rollout of the Pikachu doughnut. It could probably be salvaged with a few simple design tweaks, though. As one Twitter user demonstrates, Pikachu would probably look friendly if the white frosting representing his eyeball was placed facing up and inward. Instead, we’re confronted with the thousand-yard stare of a doughnut that looked like it just watched the end of Requiem for a Dream.

This is the rare case where a doughnut somehow looks worse than it probably tastes. Hopefully with a little bit of time to reassess, Mister Donut can turn their Pikachu treat into something kawaii enough for its Japanese customers to order and eat. In the meantime, I’ve never wanted to watch a hypothetical Werner Herzog documentary about a cursed doughnut as much as I do right now.