“When life gives you arcane laws, make lemonade.”

By Tim Nelson
Updated June 07, 2018
Credit: Courtesy Country Time

School’s starting to let out for the summer, which means kids across the country will have plenty of free time to sell lemonade to earn some pocket change (or, you know, raise funds to pay off their family’s exorbitant medical bills). But sometimes, the kinds of adults who presumably don’t vaccinate their kids and instinctively avoid gluten have made a habit of narcing on childhood lemonade stands, presumably for lacking the proper permits to sell drinks.

Thankfully, a new effort from Country Time Lemonade will ensure that this staple of the suburban childhood experience can continue unobstructed. Dubbed “Legal-Ade”, they’re a team of pro-bono, pro-lemonade advocates ready and willing to deal with any red tape or oppression from “the man” that kids might encounter while slinging yellow sugar-water and developing an early business acumen.

In practical terms, that means kids who run afoul of the permit process can apply for the reimbursement of any fines their efforts may have accrued. To do that, parents will upload an image of the fine (and/or necessary permit applications) along with a short writeup by the young entrepreneur about what operating a lemonade stand means to them. While they might chafe at the idea of doing homework during the summertime, the fact that qualifying applications can earn up to $300 towards fine payments or permit fees is a pretty sweet reward.

To quench your thirst for restorative justice, you can visit Country Time’s dedicated Legal-Ade site to get started, and watch the video below to learn more about how Legal-Ade is ready to go to work for YOU this summer.