The perfect gift for all the winemoms and winebros in your life
Credit: Youtube

In addition to a strong free sample game, Costco is home to a dizzying array of products ranging from fashionable (Kirkland brand jeans) to functional (Kirkland light beer). You can find pretty much anything you’d ever want or need at the budget big box retailer. Including, it now seems, perhaps the biggest wine glass available to the general public.

For just $99.99, you can be the proud owner of a “46” wine glass,” a product whose name describes exactly what it is. Apparently this thing is an artisanal, handmade and mouth-blown piece of stemware that hails from Poland. It doesn’t seem to be available on Costco’s website right now (probably to protect the public), but evidence suggests that they aren’t too hard to find at brick and mortar Costco locations.

So what’re you supposed to do with a wine glass that’s roughly the height of an elementary schooler? Product photos suggest a few options. It can function as a sort of vase or terrarium, a vessel for holiday accessories, or a way to store all the corks from the wine that you foolishly drank in normal-sized glasses.

But let’s be real: the one reason to own this thing is so you can fill it up with a few bottles of red and joke about how you’re only “supposed” to have one glass of wine a day. It’s the perfect gift for the mom or aunt who already has at least one item that says something like “it’s wine o’clock” in their home. It’d be a waste of money to buy this thing and not drink out of it.

It’s not even November yet, but consider this the first item to go on your Christmas list. Just be careful that you don’t stumble into this thing and knock it over after you’ve drained it.