She did $120 of business in under 45 minutes

Credit: Photo by Spauln via Getty Images

While most children are little more than a public nuisance or fodder for viral content, some kids can exhibit a serious entrepreneurial streak. Take, for example, lemonade stands on a hot summer’s day. Or, more recently, the pint-sized business geniuses selling snacks in front of newly-opened cannabis dispensaries.

This week, the legalization of marijuana across Canada saw scores of Canucks queuing up to be among the first to legally acquire weed. Sensing an opportunity, nine-year-old Elina Childs (with the help of her dad) decided to bring boxes of cookies down to the Nova Cannabis dispensary in downtown Edmonton.

The young Girl Guide (Canada’s answer to the Girl Scouts) brought along 30 boxes of sandwich cookies and Thin Mints, which were enthusiastically snatched up by soon-to-be legally stoned customers waiting in line. Elina cleared her stock in less than 45 minutes and made $120 for the Guides in the process.

Her father Seann told the CBC that the dispensary crowd made for a much easier (and friendly) environment than what Elina encountered selling door-to-door in her neighborhood. After seeing how a San Diego-area Girl Scout made a killing with a similar Cannabis-based sales tactic, the plan fell into place. Her wares were so in demand that even passing cars rolled by and asked for boxes.

Not only did Elina’s efforts prove profitable, the experience also proved to be an invaluable opportunity to demystify the newly-legalized substance and shatter stoner stereotypes. "We were looking at it as an opportunity to educate her on what marijuana is and the fact that it's legal in Canada now," her father said. "Everybody we met was incredibly friendly, it was a great atmosphere and there was not a single thing going on in that line that I saw that I would just say, 'Oh, my god, I need to shield your eyes from this.’"

So if you’re a Canadian or US citizen lucky enough to live in a state where the recreational sale of cannabis is legal, don’t be shocked if some enterprising Girl Scouts are there to greet you. They’re just trying to keep up with an evolving marketplace.