Don't be sad the next time you pull out your cookie kit
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

How often do you use your cookie cutters? And how many times have you pulled them out after a long gap between batches only to find them covered in rust? Though rust can be removed fairly easily by scrubbing the cutters with steel wool, it's a pain to have to deal with that on top of cookie preparations. What if you can just prevent rust from forming on your precious baking implements to begin with?

You can, and you don't need anything fancy to do it. In fact, you probably have what you need already hanging out in your kitchen. The secret is just to dry out your cookie cutters the best you can on a towel, or even on a rack in the oven for a while. And then all you need to do to is dust your cookie cutters with cornstarch before putting them back into storage. Why? Because rust forms when moisture lingers around the metal, and cornstarch is very good at absorbing moisture. By giving your cookie cutters a quick cornstarch shower, you're ensuring that any lingering water from the washing up process gets absorbed, and you're also protecting it from humid conditions that might result in patches of rust between uses of your cookie cutters. (Other bakers use those silica gel packs that you find in shoeboxes—the key is to absorb moisture, but also remember not to eat the gel packs.)

You don't have to go nuts, just a sprinkle of cornstarch should do the trick. When you want to use your cutters again, just wipe them down and they should be good to go, and your future-you will thank your past-you for the thoughtfulness.