The new Champagne of beers
EC: Coney Island Brewing Co. Debuts the Beermosa Brunch Beer
Credit: Photo by Brian O'Connor

There are plenty of options when it comes to boozy brunch drinks: mimosas,bloody marys, and the occasional breakfast beer or two. But breakfast beer tends to be dark, a bit bitter, and more like coffee than anything sweet and bubbly. Brooklyn’s Coney Island Brewing Co. is putting this notion on its head with its new Beermosa brunch beer.

Coney Island’s Beermosa is made with apple and pear juice, light-bodied malts, and a bit of rye and packs a fruity, sweet punch. Brewed with Belgian ale yeast known for imposing funky and bright flavors, Beermosa mimics Champagne in terms of its body, mouthfeel, and bubbliness. And that’s exactly what Eric Hernandez, head Brewer at Coney Island Brewing Co., sought to create: a beer that provided a sweet alternative to other breakfast beers.

“I wanted to make something that was for the whole city. So I was thinking, ‘what do New Yorkers like the most?’ It’s brunch,” Hernandez says.

Despite its sweet, almost creamy body, Beermosa packs a hidden wallop, clocking in at nine percent alcohol by volume. So don’t expect to go jogging after you’ve had a pint and a kale-and-egg white omelet. This brew’s made for sipping, enjoying, and even to be used in a beer brunch cocktail.

“I wanted it to emulate a brut Champagne by using pear and apple juice with the right strain of Belgian yeast. This brings out fruity flavors as well as a high gravity so it can actually be served like champagne. There’s no confusion—you should serve it in a flute,” Hernandez says.

To create the full Champagne effect, Hernandez even overcarbonated the brew, making it super bubbly. So if you plan to tie one on, pair a Beermosa with any food you’d enjoy with Champagne (or a Slurpmosa). Hernandez says his brew pairs best with something savory, like short rib eggs Benedict, or steak and eggs. But if you’re looking for something lighter (or perhaps a little more off-centered), you could always try a Coney Island Hard Root Beer or a Cotton Candy Kolsch. And yes, that last one really does taste like its namesake.

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Credit: Photo by Chris Adams of Coney Island Brewing Co.

Given the Beermosa’s tricky recipe, supplies are limited to the New York City area for now. If you happen to be near the city, you should be able to get your hands on it pretty easily. Better yet, head down to Coney Island yourself, hit up the boardwalk, eat a hot dog or two, and visit the brewery itself. The cozy brewery is nestled right into the left-field stands of the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium, with its guts running out to the right-field bleachers. So maybe it’s best to have this liquid brunch in moderation, lest you stumble into the away team’s clubhouse, which is right next to the brewery’s loading bay.