Did the Extra Crispy staff join a condiment cult?

Extra Crispy Staff
April 05, 2018


The world of condiments is vast and unknowable. For every garden-variety yellow mustard, there’s a fiery Russian mustard that’s not safe for kids. Throughout history, in all parts of the world, forward-thinking people have developed new ways to enhance their food with condiments. In an effort to better understand and evangelize about lesser-known condiments, we’ve launched the video series Condemented.

This episode is all about Chile Crunch, a spicy, crunchy condiment that stole the heart of Extra Crispy senior culture editor Margaret Eby. Margaret talked about it like she was in a cult: "Have you heard the good news about Chile Crunch? It loves you!" So we had to try some. The verdict? It's crunchy chiles swimming in chile oil—what's not to love? Put it on a burger, put it on eggs, put it on gentleman's relish if you accidentally eat some. Would the rest of us join a Chile Crunch cult? Who's to say we haven't already... join us... one of us, one of us, one of us.

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