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The Colonel's personal chauffeur is selling his collection of rare KFC artifacts

Tim Nelson
October 09, 2018

These days, it seems like everyone in Hollywood’s been given a chance to play Colonel Sanders for KFC. The chicken joint’s founder/mascot has been dead for almost 38 years, but he remains an enduring icon. So much so that an auction of some of Sanders’ personal effects is expected to draw serious interest when they’re up for auction in a few weeks.

The memorabilia, which will included the Colonel’s trademark white suit, his stetson hat, personalized belt buckle and other wares will be sold by Dick Miller. As the Colonel’s chauffeur and travel companion for the final ten years of his life, Miller estimates he drove Sanders a quarter of a million miles to KFC’s around the country, which the Colonel would visit in his capacity as brand ambassador.

While Miller says Sanders was a demanding boss (the Colonel gave Miller just one day off for his wedding), he and Mrs. Sanders were at least generous enough to give Miller a number of keepsakes over the years, many of which will be sold by Heritage Auctions in Dallas on Saturday, November 3rd.

"These are some items that I am going to let go, even though they have been given to me personally," Miller told WDRB. When asked why, he simply said “I have two children that if I became room temperature, it would be on eBay," so you can’t really blame him for trying to think one step ahead.

This isn’t the first time that the man who grew KFC into a 600 restaurant business by the time he sold the company in 1964 has had his items appear on the auction block. Another white suit sold for $21,510 back in 2013, with the winning bid placed by KFC Japan president Masao Watanabe. That’s still a fraction of the $2 million Sanders got for selling his stake in the company.

Anyways, if you ever wanted to do the most authentic Colonel Sanders cosplay and you have thousands of dollars lying around, you can begin placing remote bids on the items up for sale here on October 15th. May the richest KFC obsessive win.  

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