81-year-old Nancy Strader couldn't bothered to stop during her coffee run
EC: Coffee-Loving Grandma Leads Police on Slow Car Chase
Credit: Photo by AmmentorpDK via getty images

There are some people who can’t start working, or have a conversation, or, let’s face it, be pleasant to another person until they’ve had a cup of coffee. And then there’s Texan Nancy Strader. The 81-year-old grandmother's unwavering desire for coffee put her in a category of her own last week and, simultaneously, on the wrong side of the law. But Strader probably didn’t think she’d end up running from the cops when she innocently hit the road Thursday morning to get, as she later told WFAA, “some coffee or a sandwich or something.”

Unfortunately for Strader, she was driving on the wrong side of the street, which caused Denton Police to pull her over and see if she was OK. An officer asked her to open her door or exit her Jeep, and they spoke briefly. But eventually, Strader had enough of it, and she decided to get on with her coffee run.

“Ma’am. Hey. Don’t do it. Don’t. Stop. Stop the car,” a police officer told Strader, according to bodycam footage, as she drove off.

A slow-speed chase then ensued for about 10 minutes. Since Strader was not looking to evade law enforcement, and was simply interested in getting to her coffee and sandwich, she never topped 25 miles per hour.

When Strader finally stopped her car, officers jumped out and slashed her tires so she couldn’t drive away again. Officers tried to talk with her, but Strader refused to roll down her window or open her door. Finally, they had to break the window to get her out.

“Why didn't you just open the door when I knocked on the window back there?” an officer asked her.

“Why? It's my car. My life. My everything,” she said.

Officers then handcuffed Strader and put her in jail. Her son posed $1,000 bond to get her out after 14 hours. She was charged with evading arrest.

“I just was out riding around. I thought I’m going to go have me some coffee or a sandwich or something because I hadn’t eaten all day. But I never got it,” Strader told WFAA.

Strader’s family members said they plan to have her seen by a doctor. While that means she might not be driving much in the near future, I hope that somehow she’s gotten that coffee and sandwich. After all she’s been through, she deserves it.