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The coffee is fine, but watch out for that lid

Tim Nelson
May 14, 2018

In the food world, product recalls can happen for all sorts of reasons. Just look at the ongoing e.coli incident that’s been linked back to bad Arizona lettuce. But the reason that Italian coffee company Illy has been forced to pull some of its cans from the market has nothing to do with its beans, but a product defect that could lead to some painful/hilarious mishaps.

According to information from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Illy has recalled roughly 65,000 of its 8.8 ounce whole bean coffee cans because “the coffee bean can lid can detach suddenly with force upon opening when missing an air valve on the bottom, posing an injury hazard.” In plainer language, it means you could smack yourself in the face if you try too hard to open this thing and the lid suddenly comes loose.

The Canadian recall clarifies the issue, which stems from “the potential that products were packaged without a necessary air valve.” As carbon dioxide builds up within the can, this “could cause the coffee can to expand, creating pressure for the can's lid to suddenly detach with force upon opening.” Fortunately (or unfortunately for fans of viral fail videos), the recall was issued out of an abundance of caution rather than in response to reports of any real injuries.

If you have cans of medium, dark roast, or decaf coffee held in canisters without an air valve at the bottom that are stamped with an expiration date of October, November, or December 2019 , you can contact Illy for a free replacement product. Or you could continue to live on the edge, moving through the world knowing that your rogue coffee can could smack you in the face at any time. It’s your life.  

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